is an online resource center with requisite information and tools that educate entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to start, grow and manage their businesses using digital marketing strategies. Businessflize Business Blog is made up of a team of brilliant, enthusiastic and well-informed entrepreneurs. Through Businessflize  Intelligence, we deliver our industry research and insight and insight.

Businessflize is the trusted voice of the all business community—connecting businesses across the world by providing analysis and opinion on how to navigate complex business and political landscape.

About the Founder/CEO

Adebowale Kehinde Egberinde is the Founder of Businessflize and the Lead Communication manager at ( a fast growing agrobusiness in Nigeria)  and lead Communications and Teens lead Initiative ( an international no-profit organization in Nigeria. He is the also the creative director of kenihallel clothing line (a fast growing clothing firm in Nigeria.

Adebowale Kehinde Egberinde graduated from Osun state university with and award of Bachelor of Science (Economics and Education), He is also certified digital marketer.

Our Background

Businessflize started in the mind of the founder Adebowale Kehinde Egberinde since 2013 with the primary goal of helping individual, small businesses grow with strategies to discover sales, marketing and advertising tools will help them stay ahead of their competition. I organized entrepreneurship programmes for students in the 2014 and 2017, and through the event, a lot of people have started their business and succeeding